April 2018

“there’s so much to do to get ahead, and I’m done with sleeping”

Well, my friends, spring has finally sprung. It’s the time of year when things feel new, fresh and hopeful. For me, this is the real new year. It’s when I start to make mental lists of what needs to be done, whether it’s house repairs, shedding those winter pounds, or just trying to slow down and enjoy life. I think this month’s song reflects that mood in both the lyrics and the feel.

So Far From The Truth is a first for January Through December, as it’s the first time I have co-written a song for the project. This song started with an acoustic guitar riff that Bill Preeper sent to me with a note attached that said he thought the playing sounded like me. I immediately had a melody in my head and decided to pursue the idea with Bill’s permission. With my recorder in tow, I headed to Bill’s place where he layed down acoustic guitar and then assisted me with recording some drums (thanks Bill!).

Following that, I took the song to my friend Grant Heckman who layed down some lap-slide at his home studio before tracking electric guitar. I love the country-infused licks that Grant pulled off for the session and I am grateful to him for being part of it.

Next, I put down some sparse piano chords and brought the song to Chuck Teed, who layed down his bass part in a single take. Finally, I finished the lyrics and sang the song at my home studio (immediately after a quick set at Quality Block Party!). Bill popped by while I was recording and ended up singing some harmony vocals to compliment the chorus.

As always, the song was mixed by Sean Boyer. I’m thrilled with this song and am excited to present it to you now. So without further adieu…So Far From The Truth

(to download, right click and select “save as”)

My sincerest gratitude to Sean Boyer, Bill Preeper, Chuck Teed and Grant Heckman for sharing their time and talent.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site, commenting on the blogs and just generally being encouraging.

Note: This song is also available in both .WAV and FLAC formats. If you’d like a copy in either format, please write to clintoncca@gmail.com

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