September – 2011

The greatest compliment you can pay to a songwriter is to cover one of their songs. I was given that gift when my friend and frequent collaborator Chris Fudge did me the honour of recording my song Nothing To Say for his 2010 solo release “In Idle’ ( Chris did a bang up job on the tune and I’ve been looking for excuse to record it myself ever since I heard it. So while this month’s song is not a new composition, it is the first time I have recorded and arranged the song.

I recorded this song in my spare room and played my trusty old Gibson J-45 for the finger-picked acoustic part. My friend and bandmate Adam Kierstead played two amazing electric guitar parts on the song, as well as electric piano. As always, the song was mixed by Sean Boyer.

Lyrically, this song deals with moving on from the past and speaks directly to those who dwell in it.

I hope you enjoy!

Nothing To Say

You show up unannounced and every word that you pronounce is with disdain
The story is so old it’s getting hard to tell the print from the pages
Every other turn reveals a bridge that you have burned along the way
and I have nothing to say…

You’re talking in my face of times I long since have erased and locked away
The story is so old it’s getting hard to tell the facts from the fiction
Every other word recites a story we’ve all heard and can repeat
I just want to be me

You’ve come to the conclusion that the source of the confusion is this town
The story is so old it’s getting hard to tell the words from the whining
Every time you speak reveals a reason to critique this history
I Just wanna be

Nothing To Say
(to download, right click and select “save as”)

Note: This song is also available in both .WAV and FLAC formats. If you’d like a copy in either format, please write to

(As always, I’d like to thank Sean Boyer for his assistance with the mix and Adam Kierstead for his contributions)

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